The Syrian migration crisis

Notes from a meeting at the IMF/World Bank CSO Forum at the 2016 Spring meetings discussion the socio-economic impacts of the Syrian crisis, the outgoing flow of migration and the World Bank’s model on how to tackle these issues following its new report.

16 April 2016 | Minutes

IFI governance


From interim strategy to full country partnership: lessons from Myanmar

Notes of a meeting on Myanmar's transition to full country partnership at the World Bank/IMF annual meetings 2014

10 October 2014

IFI governance


Matching money and expertise: ensuring conflict sensitivity is top of the agenda for the bank's fragile state financing

Notes of a meeting on matching money and expertise at the World Bank-IMF annual meetings 2014

9 October 2014



Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) and dispute resolution process

Meg Taylor, CAO We have recently reviewed our operational guidelines and wanted to introduce more…

11 April 2014



Conflict-affected states, IFC’s final frontier

The IFC is set to expand operations in fragile and conflict-affected states such as Burma, despite indications that systemic problems identified in Honduras persist.

29 September 2014



Disempowered development

World Bank support for a Nepal power line has been criticised for violating indigenous peoples’ rights and the use of armed forces, yet an Inspection Panel investigation has been delayed.

31 March 2014 | Comment



IMF embroiled in Ukraine crisis

Ukraine’s interim government concluded negotiations in late March for an IMF loan, likely to carry wide-ranging conditionality.

31 March 2014



The IFIs in 2013: year in review

The Bretton Woods Project review of the most important developments at the World Bank and IMF in 2013.

8 January 2014 | Review



CSO response to the CAO investigation into IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras

An international statement, signed by 70 organisations, in response to the publication in mid January of a CAO audit and the IFC response and action plan related to IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras.

16 January 2014 | Statement



A fragile solution: World Bank’s new approach to fragile and conflict affected states

World Bank launches a new approach to fragile states, accompanied by resources, including IFC investment but it remains unclear what role it will play in implementing the reforms.

3 December 2013