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World Bank set to finance criticised mega gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe

The World Bank has announced its intention to fund the Azerbaijan and Turkey part of the Southern Gas Corridor to Europe, despite concerns over the geopolitical context and fossil fuel dependency.

29 June 2016 | Guest analysis

IFI governance


An accountability mechanism without teeth?

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank, is under internal scrutiny for two projects in Albania.

26 June 2013 | Comment



Bank falls foul of Inspection Panel

Inspection Panel reports relating to Albania and Uganda expose World Bank non-compliance in a number of areas. These findings are compounded by allegations of corruption and the obstruction of the Inspection Panel investigation.

13 February 2009
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IFI governance


CSO roundtable with World Bank Group executive directors

Sponsor: World Bank Group Panelists:  Merza Hassan (Executive Director for Kuwait, and Dean of the…

8 April 2014



Economic impact of IMF programmes in low-income countries: civil society forum

Notes from a civil society forum on economic impact of IMF programmes in low-income countries, 10 October 2013

10 October 2013 | Minutes

IFI governance


World Bank executive directors roundtable with CSOs

Tuesday 8 October 2013 Panelists: •    Merza Hassan (WB Executive Director for Kuwait and Dean…

8 October 2013 | Minutes



Chadians "mourn" while World Bank and oil companies celebrate pipeline

The coalition of Human Rights Associations in Chad has called for a national day of mourning on October 10, the date of the official inauguration of the Chad Cameroon Oil Pipeline.

8 October 2003
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