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IMF and World Bank’s Influence on Economic Policy Making in Developing Countries

Notes from a meeting at the IMF/World Bank CSO Forum at the 2016 Spring meetings, evaluating how well the World Bank and IMF have done on respecting the country ownership principle ten years after its international acceptance.

16 April 2016 | Minutes

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BRICS without mortar

On the sidelines of this week's G20 summit, BRICS nations are expected to reveal details of how their proposed $100 billion alternative to the IMF will operate.

5 September 2013



World Bank says "stars are aligned" for large infrastructure

The World Bank, in conjunction with the G20, is reinvigorating its infrastructure focus, paying particular attention to leveraging resources from the private sector and investing in fragile and conflict affected states. It announced a return to big hydropower projects, despite continued concerns about projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala and Uganda.

26 June 2013

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The Doing Business review: a test of World Bank leadership

By this year's October annual meetings, we will know what the World Bank board has decided on what happens next to that institution's controversial and most popular publication, the Doing Business report.

24 June 2013 | At Issue

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Memorandum to the International Development Committee

In written evidence submitted to the UK parliament's International Development Committee, we argue that further reform of the World Bank is needed.

26 June 2013 | Briefing

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All you need to know: World Bank-IMF spring meetings 2013

The 2013 spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF will take place from 18 to 20 April in Washington, DC. You will be able find links below to analysis of the communiqu

22 April 2013



Dr Kim, where is Mongolia's economic diversification?

In late February the World Bank's private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) boards decided to spearhead a $4 billion dollar syndicated loan to a copper, gold and silver mine located in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. An increasing number of people believe that it is going to lead Mongolia to dependence on one product and one corporation, driving the country into deep insecurity.

8 April 2013 | Comment

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BRICS challenge IFIs

Large middle-income countries jointly initiated alternatives to the World Bank and IMF in March, but advocates are not satisfied with either set of institutions. While challenge to the IMF has been welcomed, civil society actors fear that a new development bank would serve "vested interests" and could lead to "exploitation".

8 April 2013



Hastily introduced World Bank projects threaten to undermine peace process in Burma

In late 2012 the World Bank announced its first lending to Burma in over 20 years. The concern among many grassroots activists, however, is that the areas to which this money will be funnelled are still in the earliest stages of the peace process, and that huge influxes of money will undermine efforts for sustainable peace.

22 January 2013 | Comment



World Bank and climate change

A new Bank report warns about the impacts of climate change, but concerns have been raised about its own track record. While the Bank has increased its renewable energy share, its continued funding of fossil fuels and focus on large scale dams remain controversial.

6 December 2012